Trimming & Pruning

   In order to keep trees healthy, shapely, and beautiful they need regular trimming. Having trees pruned yearly helps to "train" the tree by working with it to help it achieve it's proper structure and shape. Omitting this as part of your landscaping regimen is not suggested, as it can save you massive headache, damage and even injury or death down the road.

   Often time people feel that they can handle the job on their own and forgo hiring professionals. However, improper pruning and trimming can actually do more damage than no preventative care at all. Trimming and pruning is a catch-all term, there are many different ways methods and techniques to utilize depending on the situation such as, the raising or lowering of canopies, canopy thinning, limb removal, clearing utility lines from branches as well as homes, vehicles and high traffic areas, just to name a few.

   Typically trimming involves removing branches which are not well exposed to received sunlight as well as any branches that cross or touch one another in addition to clearing any branches that are broken, dead, diseased or hazardous to people, property or utility lines. Many branches are very high up as well as extremely heavy well in the hundreds of pounds. It requires specialized skill and equipment to safely remove these branches and it isnot recommended to try to remove them yourself as doing as improperly is extremely dangerous.

   Included with our trimming service is the removal of all pruned branches and we will also take any other branches on your property away to be recycled. Lastly, the most important thing to remember is tree trimming is an art, that requires specialized knowledge, equipment and experience to do not only safely but properly.

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The Art of Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming