About WB Tree Service

   WB Tree Service is not your average, everyday tree care services. We love nature and truly appreciate all that trees and other flora and we do our best to keep them healthy and thriving. Our dedicated team strives to achieve perfection in the art of arboriculture in all of it's form, be it tree trimming/pruning, full removal, or treatment regimens. We go above and beyond to take care to preserve the aesthetics of your trees and landscape as a whole. We also recycle all of the branches and waste we remove from your property to help with tree conservation.

   We have proudly and actively serving our community for years. We are absolutely committed to safety as well as stellar customer service. Our talented, certified team is comprised arborists, inspectors, pesticide applicators. So no matter what your tree care needs may be, we are qualified and equipped to take care of your need.

   We value our each and everyone of our customers. We believe in the quality, personal service all too often relegated with a bygone era. We do all in our power to make sure we meet and exceed your needs in the most effective way possible. We strongly believe we provide the best tree care service in not only West Bloomfield but the entire Metro Detroit area. Give us a call today and find out for yourself.

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