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   We have proudly served not only West Bloomfield but the entire Metro Detroit area for years. We are here for our neighbors anytime you require professional service, which all too often is an unwelcome surprise to home and business owners. Save yourself, time, money and hassle by not waiting for a disaster to happen and call us out for a completely free assessment. We will examine all of the trees on your property and identify any that are precariously positioned and give our recommendations for the best course of action.

   West Bloomfield MI Tree Services offers a wide array of services, from tree trimming, to complete removal, as well as treatment solutions to preserve and enhance the health of all of your trees. We take great care in order to preserve the natural aesthetics of your property. In an effort to help maintain tree conservation, all removed branches and all other natural waste products are recycled. From basic trimming needs to emergency tree removal we have you covered, we actively work to determine your exact needs.

   Improve the condition of your property with our tree removal services and high quality care. We have provided full-service care, routine maintenance and stump grinding/removal for both residential and commercial properties for many years and we look forward to servicing our community for many more years to come.

   We are happy to stop by to provide you with a free consultation and estimate or help you out with 24 hour emergency service. Just give us a quick call today at 248-479-6696 and leave it to us.

"Why Should I Hire a Tree Service? Can I do it myself?"

   With all the costs associated with home ownership, you may wonder why you should add another expense onto your budget. While most people who own a home have at least one tree somewhere on their property, the majority of them only call a tree services professional tree expert when there is some type of an urgent situation, like limbs falling and endangering passersby or their growing trees interfering with the power lines above.

   But general tree service and maintenance is not just a smart idea, it is a very rewarding one. Not to mention we provide free estimates. Trees are living things that are susceptible to disease and damage. When you have a regular tree service taking care of their branches and trunks on a regular basis, you avoid damage to your trees and even your home. Keeping your trees beautiful and healthy is a treat for yourself and a service to your neighborhood! Everyone appreciates a well kept tree as it can provide shade during the hot summer months.

   Do you have any hazardous trees? When your trees suffer damage in wind storms and the like, their weak branches can easily snap off, causing serious damage to your home, vehicles, or even to people walking by or sitting beneath! We've seen giant limbs crash down and nearly destroy full sized trucks, so just imagine what it could do if you were sitting in your car when that happens. It's genuinely scary. Regular maintenance or a quick call when you notice damaged limbs can save you so much time and money.

   Some customers for our tree care are concerned that we'll completely remove a beloved tree when we see the damage. However, we will do everything in our power to save your trees. If you want it removed, of course we will do that safely and quickly, but if you don't want to, we'll see if a simple limb removal will be enough to solve the problem instead of an entire tree removal service.

   If you're having your trees trimmed because they are interfering with your utility lines, we strongly suggest that you choose our tree services! Where other tree care and tree trimming companies in West Bloomfield will often simply remove the branches, temporarily solving your problem, we will actually take a look at the direction of the growth and see if we can do some preventative trimming to reduce the chances of the same problem happening again. Would we make more money if we just let it happen and came back out every time? Sure. But we'd much rather have a satisfied customer who trusts us.

   Our company has been in business for quite some time, providing the very best tree service to the West Bloomfield area, no question about it. We'd be honored to have you in our roster of tree service customers and to be your trusted tree experts! Whether your issue is a quick fix or a long-term maintenance issue, allow us to come out and solve it for you once and for all. We look forward to working with you and to making your trees as majestic and healthy as they can possibly be. Give us a call today!

"Which tree removal services are offered in West Bloomfield Michigan? Are you certified arborists?"

&bsp  We offer all sorts of tree related services nothing is too big or small. We have all of the necessary tree care equipment to removing anything from tree pruning of dead branches to lot clearing, call us for a free quote. Our family owned tree service also offer maintenance services and work with homeowners or large property management groups. We provide stump removal for any trees we remove and also can remove just the stump for you. If your yard needs some curb appeal we offer lawn services and landscaping services. We are a local business who aims to do an excellent job.

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